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“Fresh food is the best medicine”
Pawlistic Kitchen was established 2019. Best preventative medicine for pets starts with what you put in their bowls is our philosophy. We aim to make it convenient and simple to give the pets the best life possible, by first improving on the quality of the feed they are fed with. 


 We strongly believed that only when pets are fed with the best and unprocessed food derived from natural ingredients, will keep diseases at bay. Driven by love and guided by strong science-based evidence, the veterinary founders developed unique cooking methods and personalized food therapy recipes that provides a balanced and complete nutrition, using only whole foods. All of our vet-crafted recipes are made locally with human-grade ingredients and cooked in a clean kitchen guided by HACCP principles


Dr Tong’s professional training and experience in Traditional Chinese  Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) saw him through countless animals whose health improved from a combination of integrative health solutions, including acupuncture, TCM medications and most fundamentally nutrition. Therefore, TCM food therapy principles were integrated into our recipes, bringing an alternative natural strategy for preventing chronic diseases through wellness and nutrition.


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